The Kronos Remote app is finally available, but how do you get yourself connected and ready to use it? Here’s a quick walkthrough, details are explained on the FAQ page if you need to know more.



  • The connection between your iPad and your Kronos is established by using one of the following methods:
    • Bluetooth: you can switch presets, change parameters and use the realtime controllers without being tied to a cable, thus making this the best connection to use during a performance or rehearsal. Since the Kronos doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth device you need a LE MIDI enabled dongle to put into its USB connections. The bluetooth connection doesn’t allow synchronisation, so it’s better to do a sync first using the USB connection.
    • USB cable: you can use all the above features but also be able to sync the app and your Kronos (see FAQ what synchronization means). Be aware that you can’t connect using a lightning USB cable (like the charger cable), instead you need the iPad camera kit and then use a USB cable to connect to the Kronos USB-B connector: the Kronos has two types of USB connectors on its back, one type exists twice and the other square one only once – that’s the one you need. This USB connector is used by the Kronos for USB Midi as well as for USB audio.


  • Once you downloaded the app you start it by tapping on the app icon and either plug in your USB cable or tap the button in the top middle of the app screen that says ‚tap for bluetooth connection‘ and select your Bluetooth dongle. After a connection is made the app will automatically sync itself to your Kronos which can take a minute on the first connection.


  • You’re ready to go – check out the FAQ page for details or the ‚Did you know…‘ page for useful hints.