Just like Combi mode, the Sequencer mode provides you with access to the most common parameters and settings in a convenient fashion. Currently we have the mixer and EQ pages for MIDI and audio tracks on board – the MIDI mixer page also allows to change the assigned program of each channel. Further pages will be added in future updates,





Synchronisation – how it works:

Each preset on the Korg Kronos features a huge number of parameters – these take some time to load and synchronize within the app. If you select a preset on the app, it will sync automatically and ensure all settings match the ones on your Kronos screen.

However, for a better user experience presets that you change on your Kronos are not automatically synchronized – this is made to account for fast preset changes on the Kronos which otherwise might slow down the app for quite a while. Instead a ’sync‘ button will appear just next to the preset name title bar – simply tap this button and the app will sync all preset parameters to your Kronos.