What Kronos Remote can do:

  • Connect to your Kronos via USB cable or via Bluetooth
  • Provides a convenient zoomable and scrollable setlist view
  • Extended setlist mode keeps the setlist on the iPad and switch mode to Combi / Program / Song on the Kronos
  • Access realtime controls like pads or ribbon while in setlist mode
  • Access common menu pages in Combi mode for easy editing
  • Access the mixer and EQ pages for MIDI and audio in Sequencer mode for easy editing
  • Keep the iPad as a second screen when editing in Combi or Sequencer mode – the Kronos screen and iPad can display different menupages
  • Use the iPad in controller mode as a huge ribbon, XY Pad, Pad-surface, Sliders…


Read more about Combi mode, Sequencer mode or Setlist mode


What Kronos Remote might be able to do in the future (we’re not done developing):

  • Provide access to more pages in Combi mode
  • Provide parameter access in Program mode (like Combi mode today)
  • Provide preset selection by category
  • Extend the Kronos functionalities for a better programming workflow (piano roll maybe…)
  • Provide functions for sound backup and exchange


What Kronos Remote can not do:

  • Provide access to every Kronos menupage – the Kronos interface is just too deep and SysEx communication is limited
  • Provide access to special pages like disk or sampling mode – again it’s ‚just‘ a MIDI link which is technically limited


Please note:

The Bluetooth connection does currently not transfer huge data packages, this means all live-functions and parameter changes on the GUI are supported, but presets in Combi or Sequencer mode cannot be synced with the Kronos and user controls will show different values until moved by the user.