Connects to Kronos via USB cable

Older iPads with 30pin connector require the camera connection kit. Newer iPads with Lightning connector require an Apple Lightning to USB adapter. Recent iPads with USB-C connector do not require additional accessories.

Connects to Kronos or via Bluetooth – A Bluetooth MIDI dongle for the Korg Kronos is required which supports Bluetooth LE. For example Yamaha MD-BT01 / UD-BT01 or the CME WIDI Master.


Preset names are transferred and stored locally on the iPad, allowing to quick scrolling and sound selection. With a USB connection also preset settings and setlist can be transferred. Setlist can be edited offline and transferred to the Kronos upon connection.

Quick access menu

A menu is always available from the top right corner of the screen, allowing direct access to additional parameters in the iOS Settings app or provides an eMail template to be sent to get support in case of problems, including basic debug information already.



Provides a convenient zoomable and scrollable setlist view using default iPad gestures.

Extended mode

Keeps the setlist visible on the iPad but switches the mode to Combi / Program / Song on the Kronos. In this case the iPad acts as a second screen which complements the Kronos screen.


An extended setlist editor allows for drag & drop movement of setlist slots within a setlist. Single or multiple slots can be copied between different setlists. Insert and delete operations as well as multiple undo-steps are featured.

Combi / Song mode

Editing / second screen

Both modes feature a set of some default editing pages. Within a mode, the displayed page of the KronosRemote can be selected independently of the Kronos display, so the iPad acts as a second complementary screen for editing. For example the Combi / Song mixer is always available on the iPad while detailed editing takes place on the Kronos.

Realtime controls

Provides realtime controls like pads or ribbon controllers. Pad surfaces, huge ribbon controller and more.


  • Provide access to every Kronos menupage – the Kronos interface is just too deep and SysEx communication is limited
  • Provide access to special pages like disk or sampling mode – again it’s ‚just‘ a MIDI link which is technically limited

Please note:

The Bluetooth connection does currently not transfer huge data packages, this means all live-functions and parameter changes on the GUI are supported, but presets in Combi or Sequencer mode cannot be synced with the Kronos and user controls will show different values until moved by the user.