Since version 1.6.0 the KronosRemote offers support for external HID devices – these are external keyboards or other input devices including footswitches.

First let’s take a look at how a keyboard works:

  • use the number keys 1-4 to toggle between the modes setlist (1), combi (2), program (3) and song (4)
  • use the left / right arrow keys to change presets forth and back
  • use the up / down arrow keys to change presets (like left / right) except that when a multipage .pdf page is displayed, you scroll through the pages
  • use the keyboard for regular text editing in setlist comments  or preset names

For an iPad point of view a Bluetooth switch is a simple keyboard, so in theory the two buttons could represent any key on the keyboard. Most footswitches can be configured to send certain keys and too keep it simple you can mostly choose between the following options (which make sense in almost every application):

  • assign left / right arrow keys
  • assign up / down arrow keys
  • assign page up / page down arrow keys

Contact your footswitches manual to see what is supported and how you change the behaviour.

So it’s up to you and your footswitch’s configuration how you want your footswitch to behave – configure your switch to send left / right keys if you always want to change presets no matter if you have a pdf file, or set it up as up / down keys if you want to turn the pages of your music sheets and change presets if there’s nothing turn.