It’s been quite in the recent time but a new update is available in the app store since today, giving you a range of helpful features and improvements.

Version 1.5.0 comes with these new features:

  • Now you can edit all preset names from your iPad, this works for setlists, combis, programs and songs!
  • A resizable commentary field in setlist mode. Do you prefer to see more slots or read the comment text..?
  • A new realtime controllers page with dedicated volume sliders for combis, programs and the Kronos audio inputs
  • A new Connections overview in the global menu, useful in complex setups to track down connection errors
  • Using the iPad settings app you can reset the underlying database in case of errors (you might want to contact support first)

You will download the current version if you buy the app in the store, if you already have it you’ll find it in the Updates-section of the app store.