Version 1.3.2 contains a neat update with small but very useful improvements:

First of all you can finally load .pdf and .mp3 files from any other app into the Kronos Remote – say you receive an eMail with a songsheet, you can open the mail app, press and hold the attached .pdf file until a menu shows up and select „open in Kronos Remote“. You can now assign this .pdf file to any setlist slot. Also you can delete files from within the KronosRemote app, so you don’t need to use iTunes anymore at all to manage your files (of course you can still drag & drop files from iTunes).

Then we added warning messages when you are about to overwrite setlist on the Kronos or on the iPad… these can be veeery useful 🙂

The .pdf view is now zoomable. If you have the same .pdf file assigned to several consecutive slots, the file will not be reloaded when you change between those slost, so you don’t have to worry about your leadsheet disappearing when a song spreads several slots.

The assigned .mp3 files can now fade in and out if you want – go to the iPad settings app, find the Kronos Remote and adjust the timing for fad-in and fade-out individually. Maybe you want to have a long intro running before a song and want it to fade out slowly as you start playing…


Enjoy the app and leave us some feedback if you like! Also feel free to leave a rating or comment in the app store if you like the app.