We did it again and released an update to incorporate many setlist editing features – as in the previous version you can move setlist slot (or groups of slots) by drag & drop, but additionally you can insert and remove slots. Slot editing is not limited anymore to comments but also includes color selection, transpose, slot title, comments… and most important you can select programs / combis / songs for a slot from within the setlist mode, thus allowing you to create a full setlist only using your iPad.

Your created / modified setlists are stored on your iPad until you connect with your Kronos (with USB cable), then you have the choice to transfer the new setlist to your Kronos or vice versa. So sit down backstage & prepare the setlist and then just sync it to your Kronos before the show – easy.

What about leadsheets? Setlist slots now support .pdf and even .mp3 files: you can add files to the Kronos Remote app using iTunes (drag the files directly to the app) and then add them to your slots on the slot-edit page. .pdf files will be displayed instead of the comments (in the comment pad view) while .mp3 files bring up a mini player to play sound effects or song intros live or just to jam to your favourite song. Audio is played back through USB audio directly into your Kronos.