The free update to version 1.2.0 has just been approved by Apple and is now ready for download in the app store. It will show up as a regular and free update for those who already bought the app and is the version you get if you buy the app now.

In our opinion the most handy feature now is the ability to edit your setlist comments directly on the iPad and transfer them to your Kronos – either immediately if you have the Kronos connected or scheduled if you edited your setlist away from your Kronos, like backstage or on the road. Also you can drag & drop setlist slot, access a new fullscreen realtime controller view or use the updated program mode which let’s you select programs in a more convenient way.

Since there are quite a lot of features in setlist mode now that are not all too obvious, we made a small video to guide you through the basic functions in setlist mode, hope you enjoy it: