Happy New Year everybody! We spent the last days inplementing some new cool stuff and just sent the package off to Apple, so the next update to version 1.1.0 is on the way to you and will be available in a few days.

Among minor improvements the main new features are:

  • A new sequencer mode! The mixer and EQ pages for MIDI and Audio are available to support working in sequencer mode, like having your hands always on the mix with your iPad while you’re editing your tracks or effect on the Kronos screen.
  • A new comment pad in setlist mode for fullscreen comments with zoomable and scrollable text. Our handy realtime controls bar is still available in this view. Simple double-tap the comment field to switch to regular setlist or comment pad.
  • New volume sliders that display the current value just like you know it from the Kronos screen.

Remember there’s still a limited discount of 30% OFF, but not for long…


The new comment pad with zoomable and scrollable text










The new sequencer mode with audio EQ